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Our Producers

Our priority is sourcing quality; ensuring that we work with artisan producers from the region committed authenticity.

We are proud to be a part of our partners journey.

Cimina Dolciaria was born in Capranica, the heart ofTuscia Viterbese.

The particular characteristics of thevolcanic soiland themild climatetypical the surrounding hills means that the cultivation of hazelnuts is among the most prominent, representing 14% of the argricultural economy of the area.

TheTonda Gentile Romana Hazelnut has a veryfine intense flavour andpersistent aroma and is the main raw material on which the production of Cimina Dolciaria is based.

Cimina Dolciaria prides itself in using only the Tonda Gentile Romana Hazelnut variety, which is the only DOP certified hazelnut (Protected Designation of Origin).

It only uses the hazelnuts of current harvest season,that is when they are harvested they are immediately transformed into chocolate and delivered to consumers.

Theseproducts are gluten free, without hydrogenated fats and without palm oil.




Quality.Because the pasta produced in the Fanelli laboratory is made using only excellent raw materials.

Tradition. Because key flavors and aromas rooted in the territory and in that of Tuscia are tasted with every bite.

Innovation. Because Pasta Fanelli like to always create something new and to improve what they do.

Pastificio Fanelli is located in Canepina, in the heart of Cimini Mountains, a small village where the culinary andartisan traditions of the past are more alive than ever, and where the act of cutting and cooking pasta it has become a real art. Pasta Fanelli uses onlyhigh-quality grains from the surrounding area.

 Fanelli is family run pasta factory, distinguished by the excellent quality of the raw materials, the genuineness of the preparations and the attention to respect for traditional recipes from theTuscia area.

Youwill not find traces of preservatives or dyes that are not derived from herbs, spices or vegetables. This is because ofthe belief that ahealthy and genuine diet can help us live better and improve our relationship with nature.



Cooperativa Olivicoltori was born in 1947 in Vetralla, the heart ofEtruscan territory.

The area is well known for its richvolcanic soil,which is highly fertile and  containsvery high concentration of minerals and nutrients such as phosphate, nitrates, potassium and calcium.

These features, together with theideal climate, hilly wellventilated landscape andproximity to the Tyrrhenian Sea create the perfect ecosystem for healthy growth and a distinctive flavour.

Cooperativa Olivicoltori produces several varieties of  olive oils, blends and monocultivar, with the mighty Caninese; a native olive that goes back more than 2,000 years.

 All steps in theproduction follow strict organic criteria and from 2006 the monocultivar variety gained thecertificate DOP.

 In keeping with its rich tradition, the only olives used by Cooperativa Olivicoltori are grown in Tuscia.

 Theolive oil is organic, vegan , gluten free.



Mastrogregori has been producing it's unique flavours for over 40 years.

The company is set in the heart of the Cimini Mountains, an area particularly suitable for the chestnuts and marroni production, it has also achieved theD.O.P. recognitionas "CASTAGNA DI VALLERANO".

Famed for itsfresh chestnuts and "marroni" (a variety of sweet chestnuts) products, Mastrogregori exports to local and international vendors.

The range of products are allvegan andgluten freeusing only chestnuts from Tuscia Viterbese.

The entire production process takes place in the factory situated in Canepina.